Osteopathy For Athletes

Specialised Treatment

Being an elite athlete myself, I understand the demand on your body that is required to perform at the highest level. The advances in training techniques and preparation for competition are aspects of sport we see increasingly informed by evidence-based sports science which aims to benefit not only the biomechanics of an athlete but the psychology, physiology, nutrition and analysis of performance. At OsteoElite, we aim to improve the athlete in each one of these aspects. Whether it’s through direct treatment or referral to a necessary allied practitioner. This multimodality principle is what makes treatment much more effective. 

Our focus is on YOU, as an individual athlete who requires special care and attention to reach your physical best. This applies to not only elite athletes but the athlete population as a whole. We believe that the care you individually receive is just as important. 

Marginal gains for elite athletes
This is something we look at when you are at or close to your physical best. We may not look at making drastic changes, but assess and evaluate what minor changes we can make to increase your peak performance.

For example, you are an elite baseball pitcher who is finding that limited lumbar spine rotation is not allowing full rotational movement. We may see this and address the issue through treatment and mobility plans that allow you to confidently move in a way that will help you at the highest level. 

Another example; you are an VFL/AFL football player who is limited in ankle mobility and that lack of mobility does not allow you to fully plantarflex (flatten the foot) to achieve optimal foot-to-ball impact and replicate an accurate kick. We can help you move properly to achieve this. 


We Can Help With Any Sport

Osteopath treats basketball, football, NFL, Baseball, AFL, Tennis, Soccer

No matter what sport you play, I can help you get the best results possible. A background in elite sports, Exercise Science and Osteopathy, has provided me with the education and training to be able to handle athletes from any sport. 
The fine line between allowing an athlete to return to sport or keep them in a rehabilitation program for another few days is a constant concern for any medical team. But the extensive research and study I have done into sport allows me to confident decisions on what to do next with an athlete. 

For Baseballers

With over two decades of baseball experience, I understand how the body is affected by routine baseball specific movements. 


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